segunda-feira, junho 27, 2011

Going Out!

Hi guys!

Today I'm going to tell you about the clubs.
The teenagers, usually go for the club on the weekend or holiday with their friends.

There are specific clubs for the certain ages, and in the clubs the teenagers dance a lot, they drink, eat and they have a lot of fun!

By: Marina Góes

Teenager's family - today's challenges

In Brazil have many mothers, face many difficulties. Today has a lot of mothers get pregnant accidentally. They big problem are  financial difficulties.
Have parents too, There are many parents also come face to face with drugs, many teenagers become involved, and to avoid need help from parents.  
Teenagers are more complicated than children.

By: Lina Iacoponi 

the teenager's family

Today, the number of children per person has decreased. Before, people had 6-8 children. Now people have a maximum of 4 children, but this is not very common. The number of children per family declines because parents usually do a family planning: they plan everything with what they can spend, for determine the number of children. 

domingo, junho 26, 2011

Free Time


In the free time, teenagers like talk with their friends, they can do it with MSN, celphone or telphone, mesages or coming for their houses. 

In general they talk about news, famili, homework, shopping, websites or films.


They talk too much and in general their parents like to know what are they talking, and they think are too bad tell for the parants...

"What are you talking with your friend? Nothing dad, nothing..."

By: Bel Machado.